Table Order

Add/ Cancel orders, KOT, Bill for every table. Waiting time, table occupancy time

Take Away

Parcel counter KOT, Bill. customer is managed for the same.

Home Delivery

Orders from home, KOT, Bill. Customer loyalty

App Orders

Orders from Swiggy / Zomato/ Food Panda or online app orders.


Table Management

Add or edit number of tables in AC/ Non-AC in your hand.

Menu Management

Add or edit Menu category, Menu names and rates in your hand.

Staff Management

Add or edit staff details as waiter, captain, delivery boys in your hand.

Ingredient Stock Entry

Add or edit ingredients to manage inventory of stock items.

Stock Alerts

Automatic stock alerts for ingredients which are below level.

Inventory Management

Once you enter recipe, it manages inventory and show stock alerts.

KOT/GST bill Printing

Print KOT and GST enabled bills.

40+ MIS Reports

Reports for restaurant owners to check staff performance, menu sale and customer loyalty.

User levels

Manage software in userlevels for Admin and Cashier separately.

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Pricing Table

ACE-Restro Mini

₹ 12000
One time
  • Any one order type (Table/ Take away)
  • Stand-alone
  • No table limit
  • No Menu limit
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

ACE-Restro Full

₹ 18000
one time
  • All order types
  • Stand-alone/LAN (Server – Client)
  • Ingredient Inventory
  • No table limit
  • No Menu limit
  • -
  • -
  • -

ACE-Restro Multibranch

₹ 25000
one time
  • All order types
  • Hosted on cloud
  • Work on any desktop, Tab
  • Multiple branches can be added
  • Offline or Online
  • Static website free*
  • No table limit
  • No Menu limit

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